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May 11 2013

River’s Edge Vets Can Really Help Pets with Painful Dental Diseases

May 11, 2013

Have you ever had a tooth ache? Wasn’t it miserable? I had an infected tooth root abscess about 8 years ago and I remember that I continued to eat, continued going to work, continued to do the things I love and made an appointment with my dentist as soon as possible.

Dental disease in dogs and cats is the most prevalent, and oftentimes most overlooked, health problem that they have. It is far more common than heartworm disease, diabetes, hip dysplasia and even skin and ear problems. 85 % of dogs and cats have periodontal disease that can lead to bone loss which causes chronic pain. This statistic means that over 8 out of 10 dogs and cats are going through their lives with pain that is very hard for their humans to detect. In addition to pain, dental disease also leads to other health problems as the bacteria can cause damage to the kidneys, liver, lungs and even heart. The mouth is truly the gateway to rest of the body and pets with healthy mouths live on average 2 years longer than pets with unhealthy mouths. Owners will often complain of their pet’s bad breath but have no idea that the foul odor is a signal that their beloved four legged family member has mouth pain. These pets continue to eat and go about their normal activities just like I did.

Fortunately, we have a new instrument in our diagnostic tool box that detects the bacteria that leads to dental disease in dogs. It is fast and painless, is called OraStrip and it is now included in your dog’s annual Preventative Health exam at River’s Edge Veterinary Hospital in Metropolis, IL. The results of this test, which you yourself will be able to help interpret, will help guide my and Dr. Jones recommendation for your pet’s oral health care. This recommendation may be something as simple as a water additive and a daily dental chew. So call and schedule your pet’s annual wellness exam with us today!

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3 responses to “River’s Edge Vets Can Really Help Pets with Painful Dental Diseases”

  1. meela says:

    Please help me…my dog of 14 years old had paridontal desise.she got antibiotics …but still is not eating and is now having a hard time walkin.what can cause this….please help…now i have to feed her with a syringes. She drinks water by herself but will not eat her food.when we try to pick her up she screams. Whats going on..

    • Dr. Karla says:

      I’m so sorry I haven’t responded sooner. If you still need help with your dog, (I realize that you wrote this months ago!) please call me at 618-524-7500. I would love to try to help your old girl. I’m trying to become more tech savvy but didn’t realize until just now that people can respond to my blogs and that I need to check to see if anyone did! So sorry! Dr. K

  2. meela says:

    Its like she has artharytis.i give her senior vitamins and hip flex stage 3.