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Jun 08 2013

RIver’s Edge Vet Hospital Helps You Take Advantage of Dr. Google

 June 8, 2013

The Internet has truly transformed the way we access information. It has virtually made phone books and encyclopedias obsolete. In defense of encyclopedias and other text books, while they are cumbersome, expensive, less accessible and quickly out-dated, they are very ACCURATE! The same cannot be said for information found on the internet. In contrast, you can get information on your smart phone while riding in a car for pennies a day and new information is available constantly. Unfortunately, there is a downside, it is also not always accurate. We have all laughed at the naïve lady in the State Farm commercial that thinks she’s dating a handsome French model simply because she read it on the Internet and “You can’t put anything on the Internet that isn’t TRUE.” The upside is that there is a lot of really good information on the web but sometimes it’s hard to find.

I am as likely as anyone to do an internet search about medical questions and oftentimes become frustrated by the difficulty of navigating to a trusted, reputable site. I appreciate that my clients are just as likely to learn about conditions that their pets have by searching the web. I want to tell you about a great source of reliable, accurate and up to date information for almost any pet related question you have. It is our website, where on the home page is a link called Pet Health Articles. This takes you to a page with a search engine where you can type in virtually any pet question from medical to behavioral to nutritional to alternative therapies that are written by veterinarians and are TRUE! When you scroll to the bottom of the Pet Health Article page you will find links to how-to videos, educational presentation and educational videos. The how-to videos demonstrate how to collect a urine sample, give your pet a pill and brush their teeth and much more.

I invite you to visit our website and bookmark the Pet Health Articles so you’ll have quick access to important information about your four-legged family member’s health and well-being. It is even formatted to be easily read on your smart phone, so you can learn about your pet’s health even while you’re on the go!

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