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Nov 17 2015

Veterinary Receptionists and Assistants Week at REVH

River’s Edge Veterinary Hospital is proclaiming the week of November 16 thru November 20th, Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist Week. My hospital could not perform it’s duties without the hard-working, dedicated, talented ladies who do a lot of the “grunt” work. Unless you have answered the myriad of phone calls that a veterinary hospital receives, you may imagine that being the receptionist might be an easy job. And you would be WRONG! You never know what you might hear when you answer “River’s Edge Veterinary Hospital, this is Carol, how may I help you?” It might be someone seeking advise about their pregnant Chihuahua, or a cat that’s just been hit by a car, or someone wanting to know what is necessary to take care of their new puppy or kitten. Or a million other questions. You’ve got to know the answer or know how to get them the correct answer quickly and do so while people are going in and out for appointments or coming in to buy heartworm or flea prevention. It is a tough job! And while all of us are known to answer the phone when it rings, Carol Lane, Devon Wilke and Carisa Kline get the lion’s share of them. I just want to say a big Thank You to each of them.Carol--smaller Carisa--smaller Devon--smaller

Now, let’s talk about how easy being a veterinary assistant is, NOT! It’s not easy but it is rewarding and mostly fun, as I am sure Carol and Carisa will tell you. These ladies do double duty as assistants on the days they aren’t scheduled to be our receptionist. They are responsible for keeping your pet’s visit to the doctor as low stress as possible, restrain these sometimes stressed out pets safely and gently so that Dr. Jones or I can give them a thorough examination that is so important to their health. They take patient histories, are great sources of information on everything from house-training your new puppy to the best parasite prevention for your pet. The vet assistant is a vital member of our team, Thank You for doing this sometimes messy, smelly job everyday with enthusiasm and professionalism.

And last but not least, I want to take a minute to say Thank You to my entire staff as together they really are a great team and each relies upon the other just as different positions on a sports team relies on one another. You need great pitchers, quarterbacks, (ie the Doctors) but if you don’t have good catchers or receivers, (ie the receptionists, vet techs and assistants) you aren’t going to be winning very many games. Thank you to each of you for making River’s Edge Veterinary Hospital a winning team.
Karla B. Cunningham, DVM

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