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I’m worried about my pet’s upcoming surgical procedure. What do you do to help ensure your patients’ safety during surgery?

At River’s Edge Veterinary Hospital, we know your pets are a part of your family. Our goal is to care for your pet as you would. Here are the things we do to insure your pet is safe before, during, and after surgery.

  • All animals in the hospital are given a Capstar tablet to prevent any fleas from going home on your pet. This tablet starts killing fleas within 30 minutes, and will continue to kill fleas for 24 hours after administration.
  • We recommend a Pre-Anesthetic Blood Profile for all pets that are having anesthesia. This profile checks kidney and liver function, as well as dehydration and diabetes. On senior or compromised pets, we recommend and may require a Biochemical Profile and a Complete Blood Count to more completely check organ functions. These include electrolytes, white blood cells for infection, red blood cells for anemia and dehydration, and platelets for clotting ability. Knowing these values help determine if your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. It also allows us to formulate an anesthetic protocol specifically for your pet. We use modern and safe induction and maintenance anesthesia.
  • An I.V. catheter is placed in each surgical patient. This is a safety measure to make sure we can give any emergency medications necessary during or after surgery.
  • Every pet’s vital signs are monitored during the surgical procedure. This monitor measures the heart rate, respiratory rate, the level of oxygen in the blood, and the body temperature. We treat accordingly if any of these levels becomes abnormal and before it becomes life threatening.
  • We use modern and safe induction and maintenance anesthesia.
  • Each pet undergoing a surgical procedure is given pain medication before surgery to prevent pain during surgery, and minimize pain after surgery.  We recommend sending pain medication home for you to give for a few days after surgery to help your pet be as comfortable as possible during the healing process.
  • We offer the benefit of the use of a LASER for all our surgeries. The laser seals nerve endings as it moves through the tissue. Your pet will feel less pain after surgery. The laser seals small blood vessels during surgery, resulting in less bleeding and quicker procedures. The laser also causes less swelling. It enables the surgeon to only affect or remove the target tissue, leaving healthy surrounding tissue untouched. All these things together will help your pet to recover from surgery more quickly.
  • Every pet gets a discharge sheet so you know what to expect when you take him/her home after surgery.