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Wellness Plans





An Alternative Approach to Caring for your Pet

Our companion animals have become our family members. They sleep in our beds, greet us each morning and turn back-flips when we come home. We, in turn, want to give them the best care possible to keep them happy, healthy and with us for many years.  Sometimes this care is difficult to provide because of financial costs. We at River’s Edge Veterinary Hospital understand this problem and have designed Wellness Plans to spread the cost of excellent preventative care out over time. Pets age much faster than humans and because of this, diseases can go from early stage to severely debilitating in less than 1 year. Each of our Wellness Plans include a preventative health exam every 6 months. This is considered the ideal time interval for our companion animals to receive a thorough exam.  Our Wellness Plans provide for all the necessary vaccinations, parasite testing, 12 months of heartworm, flea/tick prevention and a complimentary identification microchip.

What if my Pet gets Sick or Hurt?

With our Wellness Plan, you receive unlimited access to our doctors’ expertise. That means at the first sign of illness or injury you can call us and schedule an complimentary examination. Please note that regular pricing applies to any additional diagnostics and treatments necessary. Emergencies occurring after normal office hours will carry the traditional emergency fee.

A More Affordable Arrangement

  • (2) Preventative Health Exams per year
  • All necessary and recommended vaccinations
  • All necessary Heartworm Testing (dogs); FeLV/FIV Testing (cats)
  • All necessary Intestinal Parasite Screens
  • Unlimited Sick Examinations
  • Complimentary Microchip Indentification
  • 12 Month Supply of Parasite Prevention (Trifexis or combination of Iverhart Plus or ProHeart 6 with Vectra 3D or Bravecto for dogs) (Revolution for cats)
  • (1) Oral Health Exam and Cleaning
  • 15% Savings on Senior Wellness Profiles
  • The comprehensive plan includes everything in the Premier Plan without the dental cleaning and exam.

Puppies and Kittens Too!

We haven’t forgotten those new furry friends. Our Plans can make the costs of your newest family member easier to manage.

  • (4) Preventative Health Exams
  • All necessary and recommended Vaccinations
  • All necessary Intestinal Parasite Screens
  • All necessary Dewormings
  • Premier Spay or Neuter Surgery
  • Complimentary Microchip Identification12 month supply of Parasite Prevention (Trifexis or combination of Iverhart Plus or Vectra 3D for puppies) (Revolution for kittens)
  • Unlimited Sick Examinations
  • The comprehensive plan includes everything listed above except the spay or neuter surgery


Click the links below to see each plan in its entirety and call the office to sign your pet up!


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